TAP has been investing in its air freight business under the name of TAP Cargo, and every year awarding its best business partners based on tonnage invoicing/transportation.
A event was held on June 22nd at Quinta dos Machados - Gradil - Mafra, attended by CEO Carlos Silvestre, Commercial Director Carlos Duarte and Repnunmar Air Department Manager Rui Santos .
In this event, the statistics regarding the air cargo transported by TAP in the year were announced, and new services and destinations were also presented.
Repnunmar was among the top five logistics operators, in the center-south region, with the highest cargo managed.
This award comes as a public recognition for the continuous improvement of the services rendered by Repnunmar, as well as the ability to find solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.

Following the rapid growth of Repnunmar - Logistica e Trânsitos, a new logistic operation area was inaugurated in the city of Sines (South of Portugal) at the beginning of this year.

The increase in the logistics operation of shipping containers in the North of Portugal forced us to move to a new bigger and greater capacity area, increasing the available physical space to 18,000 m2 and with capacity for 2000 TEU's.

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